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February 25, 2015 Disney - JESSIE

As most of you know, Jessie finished filming recently. If you didn’t know, Disney Channel only allows 4 seasons per tv show. Unfortunately, most likely, this is the end of Jessie. The show is rumored to end between March-April. Skai’s World won’t be going away however. We are going to continue to follow Skai’s career and give you the latest updates.

Thank you Jessie fans!

February 22, 2015 JESSIE

Remember to VOTE for Jessie! GO HERE to vote! You can vote everyday as much as you want until March 28th!

February 15, 2015 Commercial - JESSIE

A super cute commercial featuring the Jessie cast, giving the theme song a new twist!

February 15, 2015 Appearances

If you live in Colorado, go and meet Skai Jackson! She will be at Kidabaloo on Saturday the 28th of February — located at Fruita Community Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. 2pm – 4pm! Make sure to buy your ticket a.s.a.p if you’re going!

Skai is ALSO going to be in Flint, Michigan, on March 28th! We’ll post more information on this meet and greet as soon as we know more information!

February 15, 2015 photoshoot

As you know, Skai did a photoshoot with the amazing Alex Kruk Photography a few weeks ago and we can finally share the session with you all!

February 07, 2015 Uncategorized

Jessie tells the kids that their parents lost all their money and are now broke. Since they loose their home, they move to Tony’s place. The kids learn how hard it is to earn money and start being thankfull for one dollar.

◾ The episode title is a reference to the CBS sitcom Two Broke Girls.
◾ Mrs. Chesterfield confirmed her third husband died